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Dress Affordable cocktail party selections in coral

Last night
I saw both of us in the moon land

Last night
I saw you dancing in the moon
With me

We were like a blue moon
In the blue sky

Like a butterfly
In the Land of Flowers

And like a yellow sun
In the pretty morning cloud

We danced around the moon
Holding each other so close
As if it were already Valentine's day
And sealed each dancing step we made
With rows of gorgeous kiss

You wore a red gown
And I was dressed on red cloth too

The Earth winked at us
Because she was jealous of our love
Stars smiled at us too
Because they knew how pretty we were

Just last night
I saw the moon dancing for us

Just for our sake
The heaven smiled at again
And poured out it's jar of passion upon us

For our sake
The heaven poured out rain in summer days

For our sake too
The earth got warmed up in winter time
Just to keep us lively there in the moon land Dress Affordable cocktail party selections in coral

Just to show us
How pretty our love could be
The moon accepted dinning with the sun
Not minding their differences

We can learn that too
Maybe, just maybe
We can become lovers from this time
Just like we were in the moon land
Just like we were in heaven last night

Those in the moon land
Even those in heaven
The butterflies in the flower world
Wished we just become lovers
When we Wake up this morning

I'd wish that too
For I want to feed
Now, henceforth from your romantic nectar
And reside equally in your Honey world.