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DressAfford item to wear for homecoming that looks cute

Theater is central to memories of Salisbury

In late 1957, I exited a bus at the Main Street terminal in Salisbury. I had just left the wonderful city of San Diego and was being transferred to Chincoteague Naval Air Station. After two years in San Diego, I wondered what I did wrong as a youngster to be dropped into this little burg.

I asked where downtown was, and this person pointed and said, "Up there." I then walked through the little tunnel and proceeded up Main Street until I reached the Post Office, where I observed a few elderly gentlemen dressed rather casually sitting along the wall, just taking it easy. Again, I questioned whoever made the decision to ship me to this "burg." DressAfford item to wear for homecoming that looks cute

I walked down to the Boulevard Theater, thinking I would see a movie -- I believe it was "Marjorie Morningstar" -- while awaiting my bus to Chincoteague. I entered the theater in uniform and located a seat in front of a couple of young girls who giggled the whole show. I figured they had never seen a sailor before.

At the appropriate time, I returned to the bus depot and boarded the bus to Chincoteague. I told the driver I was headed for the Naval base, and much to my dismay I was deposited at T's Corner, where I awaited the arrival of a vehicle from the base.

When it arrived, I stowed my gear in the car and we headed toward Chincoteague.

Now, for those of you who remember what all this looked like at that time, you can imagine my wondering mind was working overtime, trying to decide just how this could be a Naval air base, especially after the aforementioned two years at the North Island Naval Air Station in San Diego.

During the time I was stationed there, I met my wonderful wife, Charlotte, and shortly after being discharged in February 1959, we were married. I spent the next 40 some years in Salisbury, until 1996, when we retired and moved to Florida.

During the years in Salisbury, we spent many hours at the Boulevard being entertained by great movies. I used to love sitting in the balcony with my new bride.

I guess the passing of this theater is yet another sign that things must change. No more English Grill, Johnny's and Sammy's, Salisbury Mall, A&P, Wicomico Theater, Armory, Benjamin's and so on.

Has Salisbury improved because of these losses? I for one don't think so.

At least we all have our memories, and they will not be demolished.

Jack K. Richards

Auburndale, Fla.