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DressAfford short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive

Fashion: Trends

Let's zoom in on Fashion.

Have you ever wondered why whenever you want to buy a skirt, it may be the right fit buy length wise, it is short? Or why see through blouses are a hit? Or the linen stops at the upper thigh?

No, of course...
Because the first defensive thought that rise in your mind is , "oh, that is what is in vogue! Oh they are designed to accommodate the weather"
It's alright to deceive your self but don't feign ignorance...
It is all an agenda. And don't say you are being fooled beloved!

You see, when we talk of cold shoulders, off shoulders and no shoulders (I.e boob tubes etc) the bottom line is that nagging voice that you heed to which keeps crying "show some juice."

So gradually, you say "it doesn't matter it not even a private part of my body" then " I own my body, I can do whatever I like" then "God looks on the inside"

The problem is not particularly the shoulder, I tell you... It is the motive... That is where it all began.

What Christians are trying to do is this... Let us give them little juice and little sauce.

You know, the world does too much juice too much sauce... So what do we do, we try to fall in line by showing a little here and there.

Are there still fashion designers and dressmakers who will say "I can't make you that dress, I can't make you a blouse that exposes your cleavage"?

And by the way, I am yet to get the concept of Crazy Jeans... Because it seems point directly to the mental state, esteem of the wearer.

But if Christian Fashionistas with vision to have clothing lines are the ones who are following the trends of the world, when will they have the illumination to design modest apparrels.

I dare you to set the trends.
I darw you to blaze the trail.
I dare you to find the path.

Before you imitate The next style that comes out, be sure it will not be a stumbling block to brethren.

And those brothers in God who in the name of "knowing good thing" will not caution ladies around them to stop the free film shows... One word for you I'd that you are simply being your very own Hamaan. DressAfford short items to wear in the wedding that is not expensive

Because I don't get why you have chosen to be carnal...
It is the sister whose cleavage is glaring at you or whose clothes are ill fitting, yet you keep saying she is Sweet... Hahaha, I pity you.

Can we be holy that it also reflects in our dressing?
Can we dress elegantly yet be decent?

Is it possible that the body will not be used as Weapon of Mass Destruction?
Can we love our neighbours so much that we'd consider their hearts when we dress up?
Can we see beyond the pleasure of being dapper and dandy and dare to stand alone?

Brothers and Sisters, where do you stand?