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hippie wedding dresses




“Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols.”

( Rev 2:20)

“ Fear not for it is your Father’s Good pleasure to give you the kingdom”

( Luke 12:32)

Church; It is time to repent, fast and pray like never before.

This is crisis hour !

The devil is defiling the face of the earth with sexual perversion!

In this end time ; the most powerful spirit we are dealing with is Jezebel spirit of lust, seduction and whoredom.

Her Porn has filled the face of the earth and at fingertips with technology and cell phones

Sexy is beautiful. It is worldwide cultural deception of the devil!

Look at the way most women shamefully sensually dress even to church including the pastors and pastors wives themselves.

Men also are dressing in skinny jeans for homosexual to lust after them.

I live in America ; I have travelled around the world and was shocked to find women dressed in the immoral seductive manner the bible call “ atire of the harlot” even in holy city Jerusalem itself

I was just looking at some one page . She was showing her wedding pictures . I was shocked to see how she was dressed to the holy altar of God exposing her breast in some tight shameful attire to be married in the Holy Presence of God.

Countries that used to uphold high decent moral standard have bought into this western jezebel sexual looseness! Wholesale prostitution !!!

People have lost their mind and they will give anything to serve the devil by bowing down to worship him through sex, fornication, adultery, homosexuality musterbation, other sinful ways and buying into her worldly fashion of immorality.

In china they have invented sex robot ; a whore house where women will drive their husbands to go have sex and pay about $150

What is this world coming to if we Christians don’t pray !

Jesus has conquered the devil and given us the keys to open the prison doors over regions, territories and nations.

But what are we doing with KEYS Jesus painfully died to buy back for us?

Jesus said; “ Whoever looks at a woman lustfully has already commited adultery in his heart “

Then i ask what about the woman who dressed in “ attire of the harlot” to seduce the men ?

One day women dressing in immoral sensual way; will stand before a Holy God with long line of men they seduced to fornication

The devil is prince of this world; throughout history has used weak willed women (he abused sexually during childhood) sex , drugs and alcohol as form of worship. The rebelióus Hippie era is an example . The drugs destroyed many; we are seeing the impact on the children of a rebellious generation without consciences; suffering organically damaged brains too small to have a conscience . Rebellion is being diagnosed as ADD , ADHD and demonically induced diseases mental and emotional that used not to exist before keep I dreaming . And the big Pharmaeutical companies are making billions of the poor, hippie wedding dresses

Porn is a form of satanic worship with witches using their bodies to seduce men to hell. It is demons having sex using human bodies.

The quickest way the devil transfer demons is through sexual intercourse

The devil anoint and empower his worshipers with innocent blood especially blood of babies , seminal and virginal from: Fornication , adultery, rape, incest, homosexuality, musterbation and other unclean sexual activities

There are demons that go around collecting these as offering for the devil worldwide

Then as the women get pregnant; those who prefer comfort to raising a baby offer their first born child to the devil through abortion to the god Molech!

Just as in the OT they had temple prostitutes of the godess Ashera. Men would go have sex with them when they got pregnant they would throw their babies into the hot burning arms of Molech the male god of prosperity

Today the abortion clinics are Molech altars . Do you know a lot of people who work at Planned Parenthood (just look the deception of the name) are witches and wizards ?

They meet in the night to have seances, satanic cultic services to offer the aborted babies to the devil

In the OT there were also homosexual orgiastic worship for the god Bamphomet ; a disgusting thing with breast and penis !

Look at how homosexulity is defiled the face of the earth? Since that son of devil Obama passed homosexual marriage act . A thing that has never been done in the history of mankind ! May God have mercy on him and his generation.

Billy Graham said “ if God does judge America he may have to apologize to sodom and Gomorrah” He is a holy God He is not apologizing to no one .

America we rather repent or face the wrath of God as no nation has ever know in history

The book of Romans attest to perversion and “gay disease” AIDS

Homosexuality is demonic and it is gradually becoming a fashionable and culturally acceptable sinful lifestyle worldwide . Our children don’t even know who they are anymore!

The devil has never changed that old sucker is so smart in every age he looks at the culture , the fashion , technological inventions then cunningly see how he can draw many follow him in deceit to hell

Do you know why many preachers don’t even dare preach on obedience , holiness , repentance, righteousness anymore ?

How many preachers do hear expound on these essential doctrines?

Most of them don’t even walk close to God to know His nature and character of HOLINESS; and to discern the demonic activities at work

They rather preach tickle ear gospel on money, prosperity , wealth , fame and power. Doctrines of demons offering men earthly things instead of heavenly treasures !

Is this what Jesus painfully died for ?

God says “ Be holy for I am holy”

We forget that there is a Day Of Recknoning ; you corrupt politicians having sex with these young girls buying them things getting them visa to come to America and Europe. This what is going on most third world countries.

One day you will face the wrath of the Almighty God for stealing from the poor who are dying of curable diseases and hunger

Jesus is coming soon !

Sister you are a daughter of the queen . Your body is not yours . The Holy Spirit Of The Almighty God lives in you

How dare you defile Him to dress in “ attire of the harlot” walking around thinking you are cute, seducing men and little boys to lust?

You are a beautiful princess of the Most High God dress in Your Father’s Glory wear clothes that honor the Spirit of your Father in you not filthy whore Jezebel mother of all prostitutes

Make the Holy Spirit your fashion designer ask Him if that outfit is going to be a stumbling block to a brother and defile the imagination of that young teenager

My brother; you are watching that porn musterbating saturday night ; then going to lift those same dirty hands to worship God Sunday morning!

You will One Day Stand Before the Holy God to give an account of all those you lured into sin of visual Fornication.

The Bible say

“We shall ALL stand before the judgment seat of christ to give account of all deeds done in the body whether good of bad” ( 2 Cor 5:10)

This the age of sex sex sex as a god; and our pastors have failed us

Most preachers that used to preach on holiness have been bought by the devil I remember some of Mensah Otabil ( a rich prosperity preacher in Ghana) earlier sermons in the 80’s “ “Remember Lots Wife” ; operating in word of knowledge calling out a sister bound by musterbation to come forward and repent

Now the devil has all of them bought so far as they dont preach on holiness , repentance, obedience, righteousness , the judgment seat of Christ he would make them famous , popular, powerful and rich

Look at what our society has come to ? A church in every corner, but the putrefaction of immorality and wicked corruption, a stench in Gods nostrils!

Sex is being used as the cash to buy almost everything worldwide

People of God; the devil knows his time is close it is to repent go back to the old Time gospel of prayer and fasting , living in righteousness , daily lifestyle of repentance

Jesus is Coming Soon !

Make sure you are going to stand before Him with clean hands and clean heart

He who has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the churches in this late hour.

The Time Is Short!

True prophets call the church back to the HOLY God ; obedience , repentance holiness , right living , fear of God, genuine love for God genuine love for others and our stand , judge ourselves before The Great Jugdment Seat Of Christ

Our Great God Almighty; will rise up again! Shake everything that needs to be shaken . Everything that has no foundation on Christ will be shaken! He will arise to show His mighty power in great repentance in a mighty revival before His Coming

It is time to repent, fast, pray and live holy for the glory of God

“ Fear not for it is your Father’s Good pleasure to give you the kingdom”

( Luke 12:32)


Messenger of THE LORD

Bondservant Godfried K. Baning