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junior teenage style outfits for party

Eternal love

short story, fiction, first person POV

Autumn has already fallen in and as the leaves separately falls on the ground it feels as if my mortality is drawing close. It's already 11:00 am Gosh! I cannot be late for this day. My best friend Zack is getting married today it ought to be the most important day in my life. Let me tell you how I met Zack as I drive to the venue. I know it's a bad thing to talk while driving but still then I bet you will love to hear.

It was few years back at college and I was a total nerd. Trust me! If you had seen me from a distance you would have taken a U-turn that’s what my friends did, "friends" isn't a precise word "students" is. You see none approached me, I didn't even try to stretch my hand for friendship with anyone. We had a party for the refreshers and everyone seemed to enjoy the gathering while I watched from a distant on a bench. Someone tapped on my shoulder and asked if I was Dennis. "Yes", I replied frailly still trying to figure out who that tall handsome boy was. "I am Zack, I used to be your neighbor", as he said those words I was wholly teleported to time when I was small kid crying as Zack's family waved goodbyes. It had been 10 years since our departure and I wondered how Zack still managed to recognize me. To this Zack replied that I had not changed a bit like wearing that weird shaped glasses and that same weird hairstyle. Everything changed when Zack harked back in my life. I started to laugh and make lit of every moment. junior teenage style outfits for party

We are here now to the wedding venue. Well, everyone is seated inside the church I will sit here on this last bench. There is Zack! He looks so good in wedding suit. The bride is now entering the hall. She is Jennie and she looks perfectly perfect in her dress. Oh! I forgot to tell you, Jennie was also there at my college and Jennie, Zack and I were best friends. As the time passed by I had felt for Jennie, I used to dream day and night about her and had sworn never to love anyone more than her, until one night I decided to confess her my feeling. She said she loved Zack before I could confess. I was broken indeed, those sleepless night I used to spent watching her picture. I loved so much that I had to let go.

She looks content now and Zack is the right man for her. You are asking me if I still love her? Yes I do and I will for eternity, remember? I told you that I had sworn to love her more than anyone. I am waving at Zack, I wonder why he is not responding ah maybe because I was late. When someone pissed us off we used to ignore them. Maybe Zack is playing that same old game. Zack is talking with someone over the phone and I wonder what's the matter? But he has that intense look on his face. "Hey what happened?", gosh he is still not responding and he is moving towards his car. "It's your day, where you're planning to leave?"

I will follow him. I wonder where he is driving to. Well, the roads seems familiar. There is his car and there is a crowd gathered. Probably someone had an accident. Earlier Zack seemed very tensed I guess someone related to him had the accident. Let me go and check. What? That is my car and it has hit a tree? But…but..I just drove in my car. What's happening?

The cops are telling Zack that I had died few hours ago. Life has left my body few hours ago. "Hey Zack why are you crying, it ought to be your best day. Go back, Jennie must be waiting for you. Promise me you will take care of Jennie, promise me, hey! Are you even listening Zack! ". My voice is slowly weakening away from my own ears. I see a tree and its ultimate leaf is woefully descending to the ground. As the leaf bears upon soil I will be gone too, far away from this very existence. You're again asking if I still love Jennie? Yes, I do……..