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little bride dresses

TEE:MY mother mother, mom terry terry.
Mrs ugorji:See u smiling makes me happy. The best makeup is yo smile my baby girl,there is no beauty like the one that comes from inside u.
Iyke:Hello the strongest mom to my bravest wife.
Mrs ugorji:hello Obi the sharpiest boy,children need to be treated with love and kind for them to grow smart.
Tee:sorry mom for want u are going through becoz of me.
Mrs ugorji:take responsibility of oneself, everything comes by chances.
Iyke:we are really sorry cause the world will never see the real u until u do,they dnt care want u are going through coz for me u are wise and strong.
Mrs ugorji:monkey that knows the other give each other fruits.
TEE: Teacher this proverb is to hard to understand,the meaning.
Mrs ugorji my ifeoma asking is not foolishness, I like when u ask things coz we learn from it.
TEE:Who knows better than my own mother.
Iyke:so I dont know u baby,hey mom even the sharp boy this proverb has pass we need an answer. Eeeeshi this proverbs are something else.
TEE:NO ideal at all
Mrs ugorji:the meaning is a couple give another things by knowing or let me say couple who knows each other share things among themself.
Tee:ooooh I told u baby I have a little in this.
Mrs ugorji: I knew u will say u know it.
Iyke:Ajzeera l have find u a new journalist Mrs I Theresa Ikenna Nnma.
Tee:baby you know am down for everything.
Mrs ugorji: who is a real woman or real man to u?
TEE:just becoz am a woman people wil force my thinking on me,they will tell me about my looks,how I dress,they judge my choices but as a woman I dont live in the shadows of other people.A real woman is a secret keeper. little bride dresses
IYKE:A real man will handle a strong woman a lazy man say she has attitudes.
mrs ugorji:yeah let talk about the word attitude,you know actions and attitudes of another person can hurts out heart and rub our soul in the wrong way.
Iyke:Every pain gives lesson and every lesson changes a person.we will not stop learning becoz life is never stop teaching us.
Tee:Every moment as it comes and we dnt give up,the beginning is always the hardest.
Mrs ugorji:tears of joy I cant believe mybaby girl is now more mature thanks u ikenna.
IYKE:I should thank u and I want to meet an amazing mom who born this Diamond of mine,my mother's jewel.This one is an Angel sent frm heaven.The mom of my babies.
Mrs ugorji:did I hear babies oooh no dont say that their is a belly come here to abuja carrying those babies.
TEE:Mom u said no dirty dirty what now!
Iyke:she said on national Tv with camera on us not here here.
Mrs ugorji:I forget u used to hide yoself inside that grey duvety.
TEE:mom u know I could nt help it but his lips are too fine to brush.
MRS Ugorji:Theresa with this parables of hers dirty dirty now it brush brush.
Iyke:baby u too much I hope we confuse mama bear more.
TEE:MAMA DISPLINE is confused too.
Iyke:who is that?
Tee:No sex on tv
Mrs ugorji:I heard u terry.
Iyke:I will break yo waist and neck she heard u.
Mrs ugorji:how can u break them u cant stay without hold I and brush brush it her neck is yo forever pillow.
TEE:MOm brush brush u killed me say that again.
Mrs ugorji: yo uncles are greeting both
Tee:thanks tell them to increase my bride prize.
Iyke:thanks tell them am coming with more palm wine.
TEE:u haven't heard my bride prize is up so carry them expensive win coz u are taking they diamond.
Mrs ugorji:Hey am off freest everyone at home stay indoors lagos will wait for u ,but before I go can u show me how u brush each other's lips.
Tee&Iyke :kissing each other with passion.