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Good evening ladies and gentlemen
I am highly elated to stood here today to deliver a statement on behalf Dynamic Sarahulleh Association for Change and Development in this auspicious occasion with the theme "Our African culture is our continental identity ".

Ladies and gentlemen, it is indisputable fact that no society can exist without a culture, knowing that culture is the way of life of a people. Therefore, every society, no matter of its size exist with certain cultural values and norms. Our Gambian Sarahulleh society , being a part of the globe, is not exempted from this practice. Because of the importance of culture, it rare to see a society without culture, as this can be like a tree without roots.

Mr chairman, Ladies and gentlemen, regrettablymany is concerned about the failure of societies to carry on those cultural practices that were left by their forefathers. The culture is one of the dynamic features that make up the Gambian societies. However, it is sad to note that not much attention is being paid to this aspect of the citizens, traditional leaders. However, the we must commend the current Government under the leadership of president Adama Barrow through the national centre for arts and culture.
The role of culture in our society today has been damaged because to what I refer to as the forgetfulness of the past and the neglect of our cultural heritage. The purpose of this event here today is to showcase our rich cultural norms and values especially with regards to Sarahulleh culture.

We must understand our culture is our national and continental identity.
Every society has its own culture and tradition that is different from other societies. How do Sarahulleh Eat? How do they marry? How do they circumcised? The answers to these questions make up the Gambian Culture.

Ladies and gentlemen, according to my research culture is defined as the language, beliefs, values, and norms that combine to make up the way of life of any society. The term civilization is similar, but not the same as culture.
Civilization is an improved form of Culture.
There are certain qualities that show the character, identity and the values of every Gambian. Gambian are noted for their kindness and sympathy, which make them unique. We need to research these values of the Gambia. Let us first define the term “value”. The term values refer to the standards or ideas which most people hold to be good or bad. In other words, values are the things that the individual or the society cherishes in life and are considered desirable. Gambians are known to be friendly people particularly to strangers. A Gambian will never deny a stranger water, food and shelter once he or she provides them. This is indeed, a good incentive for the attraction of foreign tourists. long maxi wears which look beautiful
Many people still believe Gambian are people who are tolerant, which mean upholding a virtue that makes up the Sarahulleh society. But today tolerance in this context refers to patience, long suffering and the willingness to respect other people’s views and rights. This quality of tolerance is the result of the peace which the country is presently enjoying under the current government in the Gambia .

Ladies and gentlemen, to preserve the Gambian Sarahulleh cultural heritage.

When we talk about culture heritage we will refer to the various artifacts, dresses, oral traditions, norms, beliefs, dance of the our Gambian sarahulleh society.

The best way of preserving cultural heritage is to encourage it study at all levels within our society. Traditional leaders should be made to teach the youths about the glorious past.

Mr chairman,ladies and gentlemen, Cultural festival such as the Dynamic Soninke Cultural festival need to be supported and sponsored by everyone.

The importance of these celebrations is that it help to imprint the Gambian rich culture in the minds of both the present and future generation. The events display in this anniversary and entertainment are very important.
In addition, for any community to be able to preserve its culture, its people must have pride in their culture. However, if western culture is appreciated more than the traditional ones, the cultural heritage of the country would get lost.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me close by saying that the Ministry of Tourism and culture , and national centre for arts and culture has a crucial roles to play in this aspect of preserving the country’s culture and also observing those festivals that tend to remind future leaders of the importance of these events to ensure that the cultural values and norms of the society are not abandoned.

By Yankuba Sinera