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strapless evening gowns

# BANJO_21

*Happy birthday # Angela ? ?

Time flies when you are having fun. A week felt much like two days to the smitten couple.Mahe island had delivered more than they had expected and their time had been splendid from the food, the culture and the serene atmosphere they couldn't help but wish they could stay a while longer but that would mean creating a huge hole in their finances. They had to return and work. Of course Mutinta took part of that time to produce a single which was going to be be polished once they were home even the video had been shot by one of the professional videographers that side. It sure was one hell of adventure.

The warm Zambian air hit their nostrils as soon as they landed in Ndola. A car was already waiting for them and Mutinta just couldn't wait to be the madam of the Mubanga's mansion. They drove straight to her old house where she insisted they go so she can pick up her other twins as well as caretaker. She also demanded for her own driver and maid. She could have also taken her old cousin if not for Chiluba offering that they stay in her old house and keep all her things. She wasn't even allowed to carry her old clothes except for jewellery as Chiluba had seen to it that he shops for everything she might need. strapless evening gowns

Their entry back at the mansion was nothing less than spectacular such that aunt Chalo and uncle Mwenda shivered out of their skins. They knew things had just taken a turn for the worst and they would have left if not for Chimwemwe who they had vowed to watch over and protect. All the members of the household including workers were summoned to the living room immediately .

Chiluba cleared his throat momentarily before he announced his wife to the house. She wore a petite yellow long sleeved dress with nude sandals. If anything, she looked more slutty than wifey.

" Her name is Mutinta and she is my wife now so I expect all of you to accord her the same respect and follow her orders." He looked around the house and discovered his daughter was not in their midst.

" Where is Chimwemwe?" He screeched

" I think that's her." Aunt Chalo responded upon hearing the car sounds outside. " Her chauffeur just went to pick her from school."

" Daddy!" Chimwemwe run to him not caring much for the rest of the people in the room. She had missed him immensely " I missed you." she told him.

All she knew was her father was such a busy man. He traveled extensively and she couldn't bare it sometimes but he made sure to give her the best of things. She never lacked anything when it came to material things.

" I missed you too my darling." He responded letting go of the embrace and walking to where the tag team stood " I want you to meet people who will be part our lives henceforth." He spoke softly but arbitrarily

" Who are they?" She asked dismissively. Something about their presence didn't seem quite well as she looked at all of them.

Chiluba held Mutinta by her hand and bought her fourth. " This is my wife and your new mother."

" New mother, wife?"

" Yes my dear child you can't understand now but you will with time."

" But father mum's memories seems like she left us only yesterday and you have replaced her already?"

" You will not question my authority in this house, are we clear?" His voice scared the crap out of her and she found her self nodding " and these two are your siblings by virtue of my marriage." She was quite and didn't hear the rest of what he said. When she was sure she couldn't take anymore of the charade she ran off to her bedroom and locked herself up.

Mutinta had not imagined such a cold reception but she had to do something in order to Keep up the act.

" It's alright honey. Let her be. I promise to speak with her once she calms down." She refrained her husband from running after her.

" Are you sure it didn't bother you?" Chiluba asked. He loved both of them but he felt compelled to make sure that the mother of his unborn babies didn't undergo any kind of stress.

" Oh yes it is nothing. She is only a child and will come around soon." She lied knowing too well that she was fuming and couldn't wait to get rid of her too.

And speaking with her she did but only to send warning shots to her. She made sure she was stern with her and threatened to hurt her if ever she hinted anything to her father.

The hard truth hit the poor girl the hardest and she made sure to steer clear of both her stepmother and father and their whole new pack. She had come to loathe them with a fiery passion such that the only time she smiled was when her aunt rose picked her up for the holidays. Being a teen, the rebellious seed was slowly germinating within her.

They had decided to hold the release of Mutinta's single till after the babies were born and so as to do some damage control to the company's image which had seen its profits to slump to a record low.

Five months later, the twins were born and they looked anything but Chiluba except he was too exhilarated to notice. Finally he had earned his title of bashi Mpundu and it just felt so right or do he thought as he kissed both babies who had indeed been a complete pair.....

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