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wedding bridal collection in blue

So I just had a dream where me and a friend were eeating at this chicken friend (she was white pregnant) and I want to go order some more food and the person was taking an order was acting weird when she gave it to me cause they gave it to me rather more. As I turned it up it up and some of the father, she puts it back on and then do come over that, I know I don't like him because he did something really bad, he is older than me like much older than he's one of my mom's friends. But anyway, so. I get a box of cupcake, said I really, really, like they're pretty like they don't have anything on them, but the frosting and the rappers are like you can't see them, but for some reason they were like really pretty. He was acting weird and he was like a hell just go, so we 3 walk outside to go. Eat our food, right? So me n my friend or talking and I pressed on my stomach like girl talk on their heads it is big lump there thing is I've known it's been there kind of but it was the first time that it was as big so I started freaking out she starts freaking out and I don't know how but you know the doctors couldn't confirm that it I was pregnant for 2 months over the phone and so I'm like how a pregnant and I have never had intercourse and. Long story short cause this was a really long or weird dream, um, aliens came and they needed human vessels and they on my God you don't even want to get me started on this one ritual we saw them do, and then the little girl from Sonny with a chance came and she and the dude were not the CIA or FBI but it was like they were late not Ghostbusters there in a dress like on but ilike jumps so it was weird and they were like a part of men in black. And I'm trying to figure out on to tell my mom and my grandpa and I look back on my calendar because my college is really packed so something happened on a day, I'm gonna remember it now and for some reason I want to November and there's no possible way that I could of Southmont it me when I was sleeping in a something and I'm trying to figure out, okay, how can I abort the baby? I'm not having an alien baby inside of me going out the side almost as if it was a tumor when it could kill me. A big like it was on it was like my side not exactly on my head beside ballets on the side of my stomach I wasn't even like the center like my stomach was like normal but it was like a love like I could kind of feel the outline of the baby and somehow I knew it was a boy but anyway that it could kill me I thought I could kill the baby I thought they would try and kill me I don't know but I just want the baby out of me without giving birth I was scared I was going to go into labor so were to figure how to abort the baby and then somehow we realize that the baby inside of my friend isn't from her boyfriend. It's from the aliens as well. So yeah wedding bridal collection in blue